Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dotted I's and Crossed T's

I have to admit I'm not the most detail oriented person around. I really get bored in the drudgery of details. That's why I play to my strengths as a conceptor. I like playing with the big pictures and giving the details to people who enjoy that sort of thing. Either way when all is said and done, I get really peeved when things aren't solid. That can spell problems in the fast economy we live in. It is typically better to deliver while creating to cut the production time and keep it profitable. What does this mean? It means you promote a product or service and build it as you fulfill the orders. I admit I have a hard time with it, but it allows you to get to market much faster thus giving you a competitive edge.

Before you do this though be aware, making false claims can get you in big trouble so be sure you can back up your claims with a tangible outcome and have really good staff to pull it off.

All the best!
Bill White